Five best plans for this autumn in Catalonia

In the fall, we relive the fresh aroma of the forests and with that the activities that accompany these months. It is a station painted in ocher, yellow and green. Thanks to the moderate temperatures, it becomes the ideal time to enjoy your plans both outdoor and indoor.

Here, the five best plans to enjoy the autumn in Catalonia, a region with a rich contrasting architecture that gives a unique personality to its customs, its traditions and its inhabitants.

  1. To enjoy nature

Although nature in Catalonia is experienced throughout the year, autumn is still the perfect season to get lost in the forests, beech woods or natural parks that this region offers. If you are a lover of the mountains and activities such as hiking, fishing or climbing you can not miss the variety of natural spaces, among which the Natural Park of Aigües Tortes stands out.

  1. To eat chestnuts, sweet potatoes and panellets

“La castañada” is the most popular autumn festival in Catalonia. This festivity is destined to remember and pay homage to All Saints’ Day. The tradition says that, since the Middle Ages, the Catalan population gathered among friends and family to bless the deceased while enjoying a night of chestnuts, sweets and other fruits around the bonfire. Today, without a doubt, it also becomes synonymous for the autumn welcoming.


  1. To collect mushrooms

One of the most typical traditions of the region of Catalonia is mushroom picking. More and more groups of friends and family are lost in the woods with the desire to fill their baskets with a wide variety of mushrooms. It is necessary to move carefully while selecting which mushrooms are edible so as not to fall into intoxication. The most typical species are the Robellón, the trumpet of the dead, the “níscalo” and the “negrilla”.


  1. Rural trips

The mountain is the perfect place to disconnect from urban areas and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility of Mother Nature. In Catalonia, in addition, rural tourism plays an important role, since it is linked to the culture and roots of their ancestors. There are towns like Rupit that maintain their authentic Catalan character, which allows visitors to enjoy their customs and authentic cuisine. An enriching activity turns a rural getaway into something more than meeting the environment.


  1. Cultural visits

Catalonia is a region with immense historical and cultural wealth. Its extensive number of museums and monuments, as well as its popular festivals is a sign of tradition and identity. Autumn is also the season for cultural visits, the perfect time to rediscover the art and history that has shaped Catalan culture over time.



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