Barcelona has south: Gavà Mar and Castelldefels

Gavà Mar

In Spain we have a reputation for knowing how to enjoy life. Sun, beaches, good food, parties and all in the company of friends and family. Both in Gavà Mar and in Castelldefels, both in the southernmost part of the community of Barcelona, ​​it is possible to find these ingredients of happiness and much more.

Gavà Mar is located 20 kilometers south of the city of Barcelona. It has an enviable sea front of 4 kilometers in length, with an extensive pine forest and a system of preserved dunes. Its promenade, designed and executed by the Jansana Studio, De La Villa, De Paauw Architects, has received the FAD award for exterior architecture.

For its part, the neighboring municipality of Castelldefels is also located on the Mediterranean coast, 25 kilometers from Barcelona and 10 minutes from El Prat international airport. A day at the beach in Castelldefels is a postcard. It is wide, long and its excellent and modern equipment make it one of the most comfortable alternatives on the Barcelona coast. It has five certifications that recognize its tourist and environmental quality: Quality Q, ISO9001, Eco-beaches, Blue Flag and SICTEC.

In order to meet the needs of local and international families, the large commercial areas have been present in the area for years, as well as the campuses of the distinguished international schools. In a singular coastal continuity, both towns offer a wide variety of leisure and sports activities, mainly nautical sports. In addition to a rich and active social life in bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Destinations to live

Gavà Mar and Castelldefels have become a magnificent resort of great tourist affluence throughout the year, which means an active market of first or second homes to enjoy the more than 300 sunny days during the year.

In terms of real estate, we find individual houses, terraced houses and apartments located both on the beach and on the mountain slopes. Among the most recognized urbanizations, it is necessary to mention La Pineda, Bellamar and Montmar.

Ref. PRP-SITP1 | Designer villas facing the sea | Gavà Mar

La Pineda is located on the beach where Gavà Mar merges with Castelldefels. In this area, it is possible to find houses with generous and flat land, as well as apartments with communal areas and direct access to the beach. Here it is emphasized tranquility and outdoor life.

Ref. SITP1152 | Villa open to the sea | Castelldefels

For its part, the neighborhoods of Bellamar and Montmar are located in the first reliefs of the Garraf Massif of Castelldefels. From here, the distance to the beach is greater, but you gain perspective to contemplate the endless views of the sea.

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