The WOW effect of Home Staging

renovated apartment in the Eixample estate

If the objective is to sell our property, then adding value to the asset is a key to attract the eyes of the customers. This is where Home Staging professionals intervene with their creativity and their techniques. But … what is Home Staging? Literally means “staging the house” and it is a set of knowledge and marketing tools put at the service of a home to be sold or rented as quickly as possible and at the best price.

In the words of the Markham Stagers team: “The goal of Home Staging is to make a transformation of the house that is attractive and effective in a few days, that catches the attention of potential buyers and finally seduces them to buy it. The center of everything is the product, that is, the home, and the Home Stager must design the best proposal to highlight its qualities to the maximum “.

These techniques were developed in the United States some forty years ago and for a few years have been applied in European countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Spain, among others.

Renovated apartment in the Eixample estate

Both private buyers and real estate agents bet on home staging but in this case, the interest has been mutual; the owners and the real estate agency Barcelona & Costa Brava Sotheby’s International Realty have commissioned the work. For its part, the Markham Stagers team has given life to this urban staging project in this recently renovated apartment in Barcelona’s Eixample Derecho.

During the renovation works, the original brick walls and the Catalan “voltas” on the roofs were discovered, leaving them in sight. In addition, a large part of the hydraulic mosaic pavement was recovered, which was merged with natural wood floors. While the structures honor their past, the home staging has added contemporary elements of simple and elegant lines that make all spaces talk to each other. The result is “a sophisticated proposal, made with design furniture and multiple trends and with original decorative pieces that generate impeccable and very elegant environments“.

Without a doubt, it is an apartment with a concept that achieves its mission: “Wow … I woud like to live here!”.

Renovated apartment in the Eixample estate

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