Home Staging: types and prices

After more than 40 years of its appearance in the United States, Home Staging has come to Spain to stay and help the real estate sector to improve the quality of its services.

There are several types of Home Staging and there are several ways to offer this service to homeowners for sale. Below we will detail some of the most relevant.

Virtual Home Staging

A virtual Home Staging is effective for the properties to reform on sale. It involves digitally simulating the potential of the property after the cost of a subsequent reform. It is made with 3D simulation software and is ideal to attract buyers who are predisposed from the beginning to buy it.

It is not advisable to publish advertisements for dilapidated homes, as they unnecessarily lengthen their sales time. It is advisable to perform the simulation of the main rooms and publish these images combined with some of the housing in poor condition. In this way, the information will arrive clearly to the buyer and we will not disappoint him when visiting the house.

Physical Home Staging

The physical or real Home Staging is carried out in the property and includes the furniture exhibition material while the commercialization lasts. The company of Home Staging can provide indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative lighting, accessories and textiles to create the right atmosphere in each room. Depending on which Home Staging company you hire, they will offer you their services in the form of rent or purchase of the material.

In this type of Home Staging, other works of aesthetic improvement of the house such as painting, repair of damages, professional cleaning or gardening services may be necessary.

Advice on Home Staging

There is the option of hiring only the personal advice of a home stager to give guidelines on how to depersonalize the property and what arrangements, improvements or substitutions to make in the whole house.

Keep in mind that depersonalizing a second-hand or inhabited property is the most important part, and at the same time, the most complicated for an owner because after having lived there for so many years it is difficult to see the house as a product for sale.

Undoubtedly, with the advice of the home stager in a Home Staging Consultation it will be much easier to do the staging on your own and to get an impeccable and much more salable real estate product.

After depersonalizing the house, you may update it to make it attractive for today’s buyer, and present it to the market with a professional photograph. This article can give you the first ideas.

Home Staging for luxury homes

The presentation of a house must be consistent with its market value. If the house exceeds the price of 700,000 Euros, Home Staging with cardboard furniture is not recommended. Logically, prime houses need more elaborate strategies and staging that appeal to a buyer with different unique characteristics and implicit requirements.

A company specialized in Home Staging for luxury homes entails several important challenges: a great knowledge of the Home Staging technique, an expert team with great talent to develop all types of projects, with timings and very tight budgets, and a huge inventory own furniture and decoration available to our customers. Similarly, for this range of high-end housing, you must choose an experienced real estate agency with the profile of premium client. The coherence in communication and credibility are everything in a sale of these characteristics.

Luxury homes are very claimed by the international client who is very used to Home Staging, since outside Spain this technique of real estate marketing has been fully implemented for decades. If the house does not look impeccably good in the first sight, this type of buyer will inevitably ignore and disqualify it.

Prices of the Home Staging

The million-dollar question is how much does a Home Staging service cost? Home Staging prices are very variable for a very simple reason: every house is a world.

A Home Staging budget is based on several factors and variables: the size and type of the property or its status before carrying out the work are determinant in the cost. It also depends on whether the whole house or only the main rooms will be worked on. Finally, of the quality level of the Home Staging company.

Broadly speaking, a physical Home Staging project costs between 0.5% and 2% of the value of the property. Nevertheless, beware, sometimes, the price increase generated by the high quality Home Staging far exceeds that amount making the final cost is zero. In addition to this, a quality Home Staging service generates numerous and important benefits for the real estate agency. From the radical improvement of its quality of service to the direct impact on its brand image.

To our knowledge, the right questions about the price of Home Staging should be the following: How much does it cost to sell your client’s house in less time? How much does your satisfaction cost? How much does your positive assessment and recommendation cost? How much is the motivation of your commercial team worth? How much is the image of your real estate brand and your proven differentiation in the sector worth?

Therefore, Home Staging is not a cost, but a necessary investment.

How to choose a good Home Staging company?

To choose a Home Staging company the first thing is to look at the portfolio of projects done and read its professional discourse. The client should keep in mind what type of housing he needs to prepare and see if the professional is enough qualified to obtain good results in that area. Finally, we recommend talking in person with the Home Stager to understand its strategy and value proposition.

Remember that a good Home Stager is an ally: here to help sell a house, not to assemble beautiful corners that do not contribute anything to the operation.

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