What does the lobbies of Paseo de Gracia have?

Paseo de gracia

When we enter a building, the first scene we find is the lobby, and it is inevitable that it creates a first impression about the house. This concept has been well understood in the city of Barcelona and it is for this reason that in the most privileged areas, such as Paseo de Gracia, it is imperative to care any detail of the gateway.

We present a selection of the most emblematic gateways of Paseo de Gracia, an avenue that has a long history and which today becomes the most visited street in Barcelona.

Until 1827, this famous avenue was known as “The Way of Jesus” and was the street that separated the city of Barcelona and the city of Gracia. Decades later, the wall collapsed between cities and arose what we know today as Paseo de Gracia. This consolidation of the borders of cities significantly affected the urban design of the time, since previously, the avenue was configured in detached houses with gardens, which gave rise to the buildings designed by recognized modernist artists.

Ref. BCNP1629 | Duplex reformed with excellent style | Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

This lobby is located in one of the most emblematic estates of the Paseo de Gracia that represents the architectural heritage of Barcelona. Its wrought iron details in black and gold offer an elegant and majestic essence. The broad aspect of its interior is not mere chance but rather the reflection of an era where visitors and residents arrived in carriages.

Ref. BCNP0006 | Living like kings in a mansion | Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

This representative gateway is part of a royal estate of 1906 designed by the architect Joaquim Codina i Matal, at the same period as the Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí or the Casa Amatller by Josep Puig i Cadafalch. It is a real jewel of architecture and local power, so the building is included in the Catalog of Architectural Historic-Artistic Heritage of the city. They emphasize the singular separation between the staircase towards the ground floor and the access to the superior levels and stained glass of great ornamental wealth with a very modernist taste. It was inspired by the neo-gothic style and includes one of the best stained glass of Modernism, a detail that can only be seen in the most distinguished properties of Paseo de Gracia.

Ref. BCNP1750 | Magnificent classic style apartment | Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona

This gateway dates from 1943 and although it has been rehabilitated, it retains practically all its details and original elements, among which are: high ceilings decorated with moldings, marble pavements and the design of the main door in wrought iron. An ensemble offers a broad and stately look very typical of the halls of Paseo de Gracia.

And, so are the vestibules of Paseo de Gracia, one of the most beautiful, internationally recognized, avenues. Decorated with gold elements and stately air designs make the city an art showcase. In this sense, the modernity of a contemporary Barcelona and the history that precedes it, come together forming an elegant space where to receive our guests.

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