New life for an ancient chapel

PDAP0476 Costa Brava Sothebys Realty

Formerly it was known as the Chapel of Sant Marc, but for some years, an excellent reform has given it a new opportunity: to become a unique home in an idyllic corner of the Costa Brava. Incredible, right?

The facade is a representation of the history of the old building. Parts of the original carpentry have been preserved. The stone and old wood, restored, are part of the facade of the new houses, which has been joined by an exclusive polished cement porch that surrounds three of the four sides of the house.

PDAP0476 costa Brava Sothebys Realty

The central nave of the century-old chapel is the main house, where the renovation has been carried out, respecting the original space as much as possible: high ceilings with wooden beams, wooden doors worked by hand, solid materials in the floors, and primitive forms of the windows. The trend of open housing is reinforced by the location of a bedroom in the upper part of the central structure. The bright colors are distributed in each of the rooms with the purpose of giving independence to the rooms but without separating from each other.

In this same main floor, the kitchen is also available, where the steel and the central island combine past life with contemporary time. In addition to a double bedroom en-suite with dressing room, you can find here a double bedroom and a bathroom.

PDAP0476 costa Brava Sothebys Realty

As it could not be otherwise, this chapel, converted into a house, is framed in a Mediterranean environment of easy care. In the center of attention, the fantastic pool of turquoise waters that brings freshness and color.

The proposal is completed by a second building, completely independent and integrated into the nature that surrounds it, consisting of two large bedrooms en-suite and a multipurpose space.

The old is new again. Whatever the original structure is, it can actually be used as a home, if it is well planned and well designed. Clearly, this captivating residence is proof of that.

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