We help you obtain your residence permit with an investment of 500,000 euros or more in real estate in Spain

If you are not a citizen of the European Union and are looking to invest in real estate in Spain, you can now benefit from the law passed by the Spanish Government, commonly known as the “Golden Visa”. This law allows you to obtain Spanish residency as long as you invest 500,000 Euros or more in the real estate sector within the country’s borders.


Residency in Spain will also be granted to your immediate family members and dependents, that is to say to your spouse, your underage children and your adult children who are dependent on you.


The Golden Visa Spain, in addition to allowing you to reside in national territory, will give you access to a large number of benefits that only Spanish residents can enjoy.


At Barcelona & Costa Brava Sotheby’s International Realty we have a legal service that specializes in the acquisition of real estate by foreign clients.

What is the Golden Visa Spain?

Golden Visa is a type of special visa that allows investors who do not belong to the European Union and their family members to reside in Spain.

Who can apply for the Golden Visa Spain?

This visa can be requested by all those who make real estate investments of more than 500,000 euros as long as the applicant contributes at least this amount through their own capital; that have shares or bank deposits of more than 1,000,000 euros or that have invested in public debt.

Also, it may be requested by those people who carry out business projects in Spain considered of general interest. This refers to all those projects that create jobs that have a social-economic impact in the geographical area where they are developed or all projects that contribute via scientific and / or technological innovation to the country.

How long does the Golden Visa Spain last?

This visa allows residence in Spain for at least one year. After this time, it’s possible to apply for a Residence Authorization that has an initial stay of 2 years. If the investment and other requirements are maintained, the maximum duration of the residence permit is 5 years.

What are the requirements to apply for the Golden Visa Spain?

To make the request, the following requirements must be met:

  • Carry out a minimum net investment of 500,000 Euros through the contribution of own capital. From this figure, a part of the investment can be financed through a mortgage.
  • Have a public or private health insurance with an insurance company authorized in Spain.
  • Not be in an irregular situation in Spanish territory.
  • Have sufficient economic resources to keep yourself during the period of residence in Spain.
  • Be over 18 years old.Ser mayor de 18 años.
  • Pay the corresponding fee for the processing of the visa.
  • Do not have a criminal record in Spain, or in the countries where you have resided during the last five years.

Key benefits to invest in a property in Barcelona and get the Golden Visa Spain

  • Right to reside in the Spanish national territory for one year.
  • Invest in a property in Barcelona, a real estate market with a lot of potential for revaluation in the future.
  • Right to travel to Spain and all 27 countries in the Schengen area without a visa.
  • Have a second home in one of the most attractive cities and areas worldwide.
  • Have a property in a safe country like Spain and an extraordinary city like Barcelona and its coasts.
  • Enjoy the legal and civil security of a country of the European Union.

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